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Energy usage, managed.

For most utilities, an engaged customer base that self-service digitally has never been higher up the agenda. For energy retailers, engagement, loyalty, and upselling lie at the heart of the business. Yet the changes facing electricity networks also make it imperative for distributors and integrated utilities to connect with their customers to run flexibility programs and capture important data.

Eliq offers utilities complete, out-of-the-box digital products. Our white-label energy apps, powered by personal AI insights, provide advice on frictionless self-service, smart meter integration, and home energy automation add-ons that customers value deeply. This makes them radically more engaged, loyal, and likely to buy additional services while helping them save money and energy and reducing their energy bills

eliq white label app

How our white-label energy app helps customers

Understand your consumption and make improvements

Track EV, PV, heat and cooling to benefit from TOU and flexibility programmes

Self-serve your energy account in a user-friendly, personalised way

Order new products and services that can help reduce your CO₂ footprint

Earn a place on your customers’ devices.

Not only have our apps been developed with behavioural scientists and UX designers, they have been iterated across over 100 sprints, creating a product that forms deep attachments in customers lives and embeds itself into their regular routines. Critical, self-learning advisory and notification functionality adapts and increases in value over time, earning the app a precious spot on your customers’ devices, not just for a month or two but for years to come.


Insights, advice and smart notifications

Help customers understand their consumption deeply through our energy insights, AI Energy Advisor and smart notifications.

Digital marketing tools

Leverage energy insights to drive more upselling and give customers user-friendly self-service to go all-digital.

Flexibility and prosumer solutions

Allow customers with EV to smart charge, or those PV to monitor their generation without leaving the app.

Bristol Energy triples loyalty for digital customers with Eliq

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