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As households are struggling with soaring energy costs, pressure is rising on utilities and other service providers to help their customers better understand and manage energy consumption and cost. For service providers, digitalising the customer experience and providing added value is a key for securing customer loyalty and reducing cost-to-serve.

Eliq offers utilities, banks and other service providers complete, out-of-the-box digital Energy Management applications for iOS, Android and the web. Powered by our unique Energy Insights technology, Eliq’s white label energy app is the quickest way to prime customer experience for electricity, gas, and district heating – with or without a smart meter. Our applications have been proven to drive application uptake, digital engagement, loyalty, and cost savings at a transformative scale.

How our white label app solution helps your business

Up to 10x uptake and engagement with your digital apps

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by up to 72%

Drive upsell of non-commodity products - 62% say they consult their app for energy purchases

Earn a place on your customers’ devices

Eliq’s apps are developed with behavioural scientists and energy experts designers and iterated by dedicated UX and product teams across hundreds of sprints, creating a product that forms deep attachments in customers lives and embeds itself into their routines. Critical, self-learning advisory and notification functionality adapts and increases in value over time, earning the app a precious spot on your customers’ devices for years to come.

Discover some of our features

Similar Homes

By comparing the energy usage to Similar Homes, users can better understand their energy usage and evaluate whether it is high or low.

Energy Usage Categories

Help homeowners better understand their energy consumption through energy disaggregation, that presents the overall consumption by appliance categories.

Energy Advisor

Smart energy savings recommendations are personalised with a savings estimate backed by the customer’s own consumption data.

Bristol Energy triples loyalty for digital customers with Eliq

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