Digital engagement builds loyalty for utilities

Energy savings enabled

Earn a place on your customer’s devices

Support your customers in their Home Energy Transition journey, enabling an active customer relationship based on targeted and highly relevant advice. The Eliq platform leverages AI and data collected through unique customer interactions that empower their customers to make intelligent and sustainable home energy choices

Benefits at every step of the journey

Level up your customer relationships

It’s no secret that happier customers stay longer. But what if you could not only keep your customers happy but also be their trusted partner on the journey towards efficient and sustainable home energy usage?

Cut costs

Personal insights will reduce the need for calls and one-to-one customer service. Acknowledging what the individual customer needs while reducing the cost to serve, is a win-win-win.

Continue to grow

With stronger customer relationships, increased engagement and a reduced cost-to-serve, explore the potential of revenues from non-commodity services.

3 Data points to back up the benefits

digital engagement

Increased customer engagement delivers increased NPS and up to 3x the loyalty for energy retailers.

fewer calls

Users of our digital tools have less of a need to call to ask why their bill is so high.

purchase influence

61% of users report that they use the product for making energy related purchase decisions.

Jersey increases customer engagement by 10x with Eliq

Like many utilities, Jersey Electricity was experiencing a decline in customer engagement. Dedicated to providing their customers with an engaging and educational user experience, they developed myJE, replacing the existing self-service platform. Learn about how Jersey Electricity avoided the common pitfalls and instead created increased engagement, aligning their customer’s Home energy Transition journey with their own goals of becoming carbon neutral.

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About the values

Energy cost management

Enable households to understand their energy spending, future forecasts and next-best-action to save

Carbon consciousness

Understand energy carbon footprint, and the best behaviour to drive change

Green energy upgrades

Personalised recommendations for the best energy efficiency investments and their ROI