Insights for smarter homes

At-home energy management

Transform how households manage and consume energy

By combining energy insights and with smart home energy management, your customers will be in control of how energy is used and distributed in the home, both in terms of energy bills and in terms of sustainability.

The benefits

Provide more engaging solutions

Give your customers a supercharged app with whole-home energy consumption data, an overview of costs and actionable insights.

Improve and visualise ROI

Trackable energy savings improve the ROI of your smart home product, making the home investments defend themselves.

Increased upsell for futureproof homes

Data-enabled upsell and recommendations for home upgrades your customers can trust. Future-proofing your home energy management has never been easier.

A new era of home energy consumption and cost savings

Energy insights in combination with smart home solutions are opening the door to a reality where homeowners can control their energy consumption, make intelligent home investments and manage their greenhouse emissions – all in one place. By giving your customers access to full energy monitoring and personal actionable energy insights, empowerment and acceleration of energy savings and home energy efficiency are becoming a reality.

Why it works

Open energy data

Allow users to connect to their real electricity and gas meters to capture whole-home energy consumption data

Energy cost management

Enable households to understand their energy spending, future forecasts and next-best-action to save

Home energy optimisation

Leverage energy consumption, cost, carbon and tariff data to enable more cost-efficient, green usage of appliances