PV Disaggregation

Unlocking energy insights for prosumers

Energy insights for prosumers

As it is becoming more and more common for energy providers to offer customers energy insights and savings advice using smart meter data, many fail on a key, growing segment: prosumers with solar panels (PV).

Prosumers are often unable to access that functionality, simply because their electricity meter only records the net transaction with the network, and not what is generated from the PV, or the consumption of the household.

Introducing PV Disaggregation

At Eliq, we are now launching PV Disaggregation, a new technology that uses standard import/export data from regular utility net meters, to determine both how much electricity was produced and consumed, unlocking the energy insights functionality that other customers have access to, and presenting prosumers with additional key insights, such as their self-consumption rate.

What PV Disaggregation is

Estimates generation and consumption using net meter data

Unlocks consumption insights for prosumers

Works with any PV system, old or new

No hardware needed

Today’s prosumers are the early adopters of the Energy Transition, but most solutions for energy insights from energy providers are failing these customers. I’m excited to say we’re putting an end to that problem, without the need for any hardware.

Olof Hartelius, Co-founder and CTO at Eliq

How it works

Eliq’s PV Disaggregation technology doesn’t require customers to install any additional hardware, or even a particular compatible brand of PV inverters, but works plug-and-play for old PV systems as well as new, simply by using advanced machine learning techniques based on data from the smart electricity meter in the home on 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals, and detailed weather data, estimating the consumption of the home and the generated energy of the PV system.

The functionality is available for users of the Eliq Energy Insights API, our web-components and during Q2 2022 within our white-label energy apps.

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