Rooftop PV data & AI – The shift beyond the buzz

Eliq’s on-demand webinar, held by Eliq’s esteemed experts, PV specialist, Joost van der Linde, and data scientist Daniel Anderton, presents the current data challenges of prosumers, machine-learning solutions for actionable insights for this advanced energy user segment, and answer questions from energy professionals. Watch our webinar on-demand to master rooftop PV!

On-Demand Webinar Rooftop PV data & AI

Making sense of solar PV data

Prosumers are in the dark regarding their production / consumption rates. The data to deliver personalised, cost-saving insights to prosumers exists in abundance and AI is the right technology to help energy providers and prosumers make sense of it. With over 40 years of combined experience in the energy sector and AI, this webinar delivers invaluable insights that will power up your understanding of how AI is the right technology to help energy providers and prosumers make sense of PV Data.


Daniel Anderton, Data Scientist Eliq

DanielDan Anderton speaker webinar Rooftop PV data & AI has a strong foundation in data science and machine learning. Since 2021 and after obtaining his MEng with First Class Honours from the Imperial College, Daniel has been working as a Data Scientist at Eliq, creating cutting-edge software that empowers clients with energy intelligence.


Joost van der Linde, PV Expert Eliq
Joost van der Linde speaker webinar Rooftop PV data & AI

Joost is an experienced business development professional with a strong background in administrative automation in the Energy and Utilities domain. In his role at Eliq, Joost has cultivated a deep understanding of the complexity of the energy sector, of AI and PV disaggregation.


Sam Hawkins, Moderator Eliq
Sam Hawkins moderator webinar Rooftop PV data & AI

Sam has a strong passion for driving positive change in the retail banking and energy utilities sectors. As a customer-focused advocate, Sam is committed to helping organisations effectively engage with their customers using energy data.


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