The commercial value of energy insights

During this On-demand webinar, hear from industry expert David Trevithick from Delta-EE and Eliq’s Will Ephraim as they discuss the commercial value of energy insights. 

Together they will delve into how a B2C energy insights platform can address key challenges that businesses face such as high cost to serve and churn rates. They will also address the role of customer engagement as an enabler of commercial value, when businesses can unlock the potential of economic value, and how this may change given the current energy crisis.

Key takeaways: 

  • Discover the key trends happening in the energy industry
  • Learn why it’s important to provide value to customers
  • Gain an understanding of how current market conditions (energy price crisis) affects the value opportunity.



Meet our guest speakers

David Trevithick, Principal Analyst at Delta-EE

David is a digital energy customer expert with both energy retailer and research consultancy experience. At Delta-EE he leads the research service Energy Insights +, which focuses on the use of energy consumption data. His research helps clients improve customer engagement and drive positive change and value by understanding the residential energy insights market, players and solutions across Europe. David is a specialist in consumer insights and data, and its application to business intelligence, proposition development, customer experience and marketing strategy. He draws from experience in multiple sectors, including five years at Centrica as a consumer insight lead, adding significant value to customers and businesses alike.


Will Ephraim

Will is Head of Business Development (UK) at Eliq: an enterprise SaaS provider of customer engagement and energy insights software to the utility industry. Eliq today serves 20+ utilities globally with its SaaS platform delivering energy insights and customer engagement software, such as applications for mobile and web that enable customers to benefit from smart metering by better understanding and managing their energy usage.

Will has over 13 years of experience in energy, having worked in several roles at E.ON and Siemens. 


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