Engaging in energy – using behavioural science to drive change

Our On-Demand Webinar Series deep-dives into the challenges behind customer engagement for energy utility suppliers. Drawing on real-world examples, hear from our own Eliq team, as well as expert guests from our industry and beyond. 

How do you get customers to care about energy? 

Explore how we can design products to be customer-driven and use behavioural science models to create and sustain customer engagement. It will also examine best practices in onboarding, creating user investment and effective hooks for digital energy products. 


Dr Guy Champniss (Managing Director @Meltwater Consulting) –  LinkedIn

Meltwater applies behavioural science to help build better businesses, through superior products, services and communications. Guy has extensive experience working within residential energy, technology and behaviour. His contributions within Enervee (a US technology and behaviour start-up) have led to awards for innovation and market impact, and have helped develop US energy efficiency policy. Guy frequently speaks on behavioural science and innovation and has been published in leading journals including Energy Efficiency, Technological Forecasting, and Harvard Business Review.

Håkan Ludvigson (CEO @Eliq)  –  LinkedIn

Hakan Ludvigson is the CEO and one of the founders of Eliq. Eliq is an enterprise SaaS provider of customer engagement and energy insights software to the utility industry. Eliq today serves 17 utilities globally with its SaaS platform delivering insights and customer engagement software, such as applications for mobile and web that enable customers to benefit from smart metering by better understanding and managing their usage. The company is based between Gothenburg, Sweden and London, UK and serves utilities across 6 nations and 2 continents to date.

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