Bringing customers to a decentralised energy future

Our On-Demand Webinar Series deep-dives into the challenges behind customer engagement for energy utility suppliers. Drawing on real-world examples, hear from our own Eliq team, as well as expert guests from our industry and beyond.

How do you get customer adoption in a decentralised energy world? 

This webinar focuses on the importance of building trust through effective customer engagement to succeed in the Energy Transition by moving away from kWh margin to an energy services business. 


Roberto Rodríguez Labastida
Senior Research Analyst @Guidehouse Insights

Roberto Rodríguez Labastida is a senior research analyst with Guidehouse Insights contributing to the Connected DER solution. He has more than 10 years of experience as a strategy and economics consultant in the energy sector.

His extensive experience includes leading consultancy projects for top banks, private equity, project developers, oil companies, utilities, and industrial players on investment strategy, asset valuations, market research, and technology deployment. Prior to joining Guidehouse Insights, he spent eight years with Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF).

Will Ephraim
Head of Business Development (UK) @Eliq

Will is Head of Business Development (UK) at Eliq: an enterprise SaaS provider of customer engagement and energy insights software to the utilities industry. Eliq today serves 17 utilities globally with its SaaS platform delivering energy insights and customer engagement software, such as applications for mobile and web that enable customers to benefit from smart metering by better understanding and managing their energy usage.

Will has over 13 years of experience in energy, having worked in several roles at E.ON and Siemens.

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