TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium chooses Eliq to help customers save energy

Gothenburg, Sweden, 4th of December 2023 – TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium, one of the leading utility providers in Belgium, has partnered with Eliq, a leading expert in energy data analysis, to provide their customers with the ability to monitor, track and manage their energy usage.

The solution aims to empower the customers of TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium with useful insights about their energy usage, and energy savings advice, enabling them to take control of their energy bills.


TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium has employed Eliq’s Insights API to create energy-saving features in their mobile app and desktop web portal. These insights will be available to 100% of the customer base, whether the customers have a smart meter or not, providing engaging features like similar home comparisons, breakdown of energy into usage categories, and individually tailored energy tips. 

Belgium is expected to remain one of the markets in Europe with the highest penetration of solar panel installations (PV), and TotalEnergies will leverage Eliq’s PV insights capabilities to estimate consumption and production based on net meter data.

Instant Customer value 

TotalEnergies went live at the beginning of October, perfectly timed to serve their customers ahead of the upcoming winter season. The solution has delivered customer value right from the moment it went live. In just two weeks, the user base reached 80,000 monthly users and continues to grow rapidly.

TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium is at the forefront when it comes to providing customer value, making advanced energy insights and control of consumption accessible to all households. This customer-centric approach ensures that no one is left behind, emphasizing their commitment to meeting customer needs.

“We are proud to support TotalEnergies with our Energy Insights Platform, enabling them to provide transparent energy insights and savings advice to their customers. Our platform’s fast delivery and seamless integration have played a crucial role in TotalEnergies’ decision-making process, allowing them to offer timely and efficient service to their valued customers.”, Joakim Ottander, co-founder and Client success manager at Eliq.

“Everyone is different and uses energy in a different way. We were looking for a solution to provide all Belgian households an accurate monitoring tool with profound insights on their personal energy usage,” says Romina Macaluso, CMO of TotalEnergies Power & Gas Belgium. “With the technology of Eliq integrated in our clients’ customer zones, everyone – regardless the region, the meter installed – has the possibility to save energy in a personalized way. And all this without the necessity to install any soft or hardware.”