How do you select the right energy insights vendor?

The utility industry today is facing a number of  common challenges, some of these are:

  • Increased competition: Managing revenue downturn / falling ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
  • Declining trust from households: Loyalty is expensive
  • Technology disruption: Keeping up with the demand of its technology-conscious consumers

Studies have found that customer engagement correlates with revenue growth in industries where customers are able to switch business easily. A report from Navigant Research highlighted customer engagement spending by utilities is expected to grow from approximately $3.6 billion to $5 billion in 2026. So, what are the best strategies to develop customer engagement and should a utility build their own internal capacity, or outsource their energy analytics requirements?

Research and consulting company Delta EE, experts in “Helping clients navigate the transformation of the energy system”, have released an informative new report for energy clients looking to choose an energy insights vendor.

This report breaks the market down, helps navigate the maze of vendors, reflects the range of solutions and highlights some of the more advanced ones.  It helps guide decision making for energy companies by arming them with the necessary knowledge and the right questions to benchmark & shortlist potential suppliers.

Eliq are proud to be featured in this report and are happy to connect with any parties interested in knowing more about our innovative analytical solutions.

The full report and a collection of vendor profiles are available to Delta EE subscribers.