Swedish Energy Agency recommends Eliq

The Swedish Energy Agency, Energimyndigheten, appoints Eliq the winner of test for solutions that help households to reduce waste of electricity. The test includes both measurements on labs and assessments of installation and user-friendliness. Each electricity meter has a rating on a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest grade.

Swedish household electricity consumption accounts for a third of the country’s total electricity consumption, and much of it is a waste that can be reduced with simple measures.

In the Swedish Energy Agency’s test, Eliq shared the first place with 100koll. 100koll is sold by electric utilities where user have to be a permanent customer and pay a monthly fee. We are very proud of the result and we will respond to many of the suggestions of improvement the coming year and we look forward to next year’s test when we will assure our users an even better result.

Read more about the test on the Agency’s website here.