Bristol Energy to Leverage Smart Metering with Mobile App

Bristol Energy has selected Eliq to deliver a mobile app solution, to enable its customers to benefit from the full value of its smart metering programme.

Bristol Energy is aiming to be at the forefront of smart metering and digital utilities services, having recently signed a contract with Eliq to deliver cutting-edge mobile customer engagement apps, which will help Bristol Energy’s customers to leverage the value of smart meters. The mobile apps will help customers manage their account, access Smart and real-time data, whilst also providing Bristol Energy with a platform for future energy services.

“UK energy suppliers are so focussed on getting meters installed, that most don’t yet have solutions in place to allow customers to enjoy the full benefits of Smart. We are thrilled to see Bristol Energy making a big push for their customers.” said Joakim Botha, Founder, Business Development Manager, Eliq

Bristol Energy is a national electricity and gas supplier that is making a positive difference in the UK by reinvesting its profits back into the community. Bristol keeps things transparent and simple, and aims to make energy fair for all. Offering a friction-less, transparent and continuously developing mobile service is the natural next step in developing their service offering.

“We are really excited to partner with Eliq, as we believe they can help us deliver our ambitions as a business. The benefits of smart metering will only be realised with the provision of useful technology and insights for our customers, so we are keen to rapidly develop these with Eliq. With a mobile app that will be offered to all our customers, we can offer a more comprehensive service offering that customers expect from a forward-thinking supplier. We want to help our customers understand what they are paying for and how they can make meaningful and beneficial change. We aim to develop a market-leading offering that builds a smart platform that truly helps our customers. We look forward to rolling this out in early 2019.” said Andy Coleman, Head of Smart Metering Transition at Bristol Energy

The app, which is free to use and download, will be available for iOS and Android devices and will allow customers to better monitor, understand, manage and reduce their consumption, receiving AI-based alerts on consumption spikes and access intuitive self-service tools around billing, payment, meter read submission and budgeting.

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