OIKEN uses Eliq Home Energy Insights App to support Swiss households

Gothenburg, Sweden, February 2024 – The renowned Swiss energy supplier, OIKEN is launching a project where they will provide customers with an innovative, participatory solution to accompany them on their way through the energy transition and actively manage their energy consumption, supporting them with energy insights, advice and a clearer understanding of what uses energy in someone’s home and what can be done to reduce energy consumption.

“We are delighted to be working with Eliq. We will test the Energy Insights solution to verify the functionality as well as the handling and acceptance of the app by our customers. This is an important step for us as an energy service provider to use digitalization to further increase access, proximity and interaction with our customers.”
– Marc-Henri Udressy, Project Manager at OIKEN

Project with a focus on value-adding for Swiss households
In addition to the basic functionality of personal energy consumption analysis, the project also includes value-added services from the Eliq platform in conjunction with the use of PV systems and e-vehicles. Customer locations with both analogue and smart meters are specifically included in the pilot project.

No smart meter, no problem!
Eliq’s easy energy advice and savings solution. Switzerland might be on a fast track to smart meters for all, but until then, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be Energy Insights for all. Utility providers and their partners don’t need to choose between providing a great solution for customers with smart meters or those without. They can create a solution that highlights the benefits of smart meters while also supporting customers who are still waiting. Even with just one meter read a year, a household can be matched to a similar household from a +100billion data point data lake, mixed with some weather data, and bam, you have accurate and actionable energy insights. This approach not only supports savings and sustainability but also addresses the challenge of users being unable or unwilling to regularly provide manual meter readings.

Supporting customers – saving energy
OIKEN’s goal is to help its customers save energy and accompany them on their journey through the energy transition. The app enables these customers to better understand their electricity consumption and gives them answers to the questions of what their energy consumption looks like, what everyday habits they can change and what measures they can take.

The project is being realised together with BN AG as the Swiss distribution partner of Eliq