OAP chooses Eliq to launch ‘nybo’ energy platform

Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2023Onafhankelijk Adviesplatform, a prominent independent advice platform in the energy sector, has selected Eliq as its preferred partner for their new energy advice platform called ‘nybo’. This collaboration aims to provide OAP’s customers with comprehensive insights into their energy consumption and actionable advice on energy savings.

OAP sought a mobile app solution that could be quickly launched, offering customers a user-friendly interface to monitor their energy usage and receive personalised recommendations. After carefully evaluating, OAP has chosen to purchase off-the-shelf features from Eliq to integrate into their white-label mobile app, branded as “nybo” for OAP customers.

The partnership with Eliq enables OAP to leverage advanced technology and provide its customers with real-time energy consumption data and practical guidance on optimising energy usage. By combining Eliq’s expertise with OAP’s established approach, OAP can expand its services without the need for extensive organisational growth.

“We are excited to join forces with OAP as they champion consumer empowerment in energy management. By collaborating with innovative companies like OAP, we strive to put customers in the driver’s seat of the energy transition, ensuring they have control over their energy usage and distribution.”
Wictor Hidefjäll, Client Success Manager at Eliq

Through Salesdock, OAP’s deal-capturing tool, Eliq interfaces with customer energy contracts and provides valuable end-user information. The integration with “Eliq Connect” and the Fluvius market data hub allows OAP to deliver the desired services to its customers effectively.

By partnering with Eliq, OAP reinforces its commitment to offering innovative solutions that empower individuals and businesses to make informed decisions about their energy consumption. This collaboration enables OAP to enhance its energy management services, ensuring that customers receive the same or improved level of service while benefiting from the convenience and efficiency of digital solutions.

About OAP:

OAP (Onafhankelijk Adviesplatform) is a leading independent advice platform in the energy sector. Committed to providing exceptional customer experiences, OAP assists individuals and businesses in optimising their energy usage through unbiased advice and tailored solutions.

About Eliq:

Eliq’s purpose is to enable the home energy transition by helping utilities, banks and smart-home providers to empower their customers to make intelligent and sustainable home energy choices.

We drive digital transformation through our SaaS platform that leverages AI and data collected through unique customer interactions to generate insights that inspire and empower customers to join the fight against climate change. The platform enables active customer relationships based on targeted and highly personalised offers, for non-commodity business growth at a transformative scale.

We are advocates for the utilisation of open energy data, for an acceleration in the home energy transition. The fight against climate change is one that we need to tackle together, and we believe in creating strong partnerships with organisations that share our values and passion for a sustainable future.