Lumme Energia Selects Eliq’s Energy Insights Platform for Finland

Lumme Energia, one of Finland’s fastest-growing energy suppliers has selected Eliq’s platform to provide residential customers with new and engaging energy insights to help them manage their energy consumption. 

Rising energy prices and a rapidly progressing energy transition creates a consumer need for enhanced digital tools. Consumers no longer have the luxury to ignore their energy bills and are turning to their energy supplier to help guide them to a lower bill and a lower carbon footprint.

“At Lumme Energia, it’s our strategy, not only to provide 100% green electricity at a great rate, but also to help our customers reduce the amount of electricity they need. With tools like Eliq’s Energy Usage Categories and forecasting features, customers will know exactly what’s going on with energy in their home and will have a recommendation for the next best action available at all times.” –  Kari Järvinen, Chief Data Officer, Lumme Energia

The new partnership provides Lumme Energia access to Eliq’s Energy Insights API – a powerful tool that offers a range of new engaging features that will be available in the mobile app and in their current web portal. Lumme Energia customers will be able to gain better control and insights of their consumption through Eliq’s Energy Usage Categories and Forecasting features. 

“What we like about Eliq is not just their comprehensive range of functionality for energy app developers, but also the ease of use of the developer tools, and the energy product expertise their team can provide on top. Not only will it help our team to develop an excellent app in a short time, but also continue to innovate more rapidly and effectively than otherwise.”
– Kari Järvinen, Chief Data Officer, Lumme Energia

About Lumme Energia

Founded in 2017, Lumme Energia is a national electricity retailer in Finland servicing over 300,000 customers. Their mission is to provide the best customer experience in the service sector by inspiring people, providing relevant services and taking care of the planet. 

About Eliq

Eliq is a SaaS platform that enables energy companies to deploy applications that help end customers better understand and manage their energy usage and accelerate their participation in the energy transition. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, London, UK and Vilnius, Lithuania and enable leading utilities and retailers across Europe to deliver engaging digital products such as mobile apps, that help customers better understand and manage their energy usage, since 2016.

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