KBC uses Eliq to give Mobile Banking customers energy insight

Customers can now monitor their home energy situation in KBC Mobile with ‘Energy insights’, an additional service provided in association with Eliq.

Gothenburg, Sweden, November 29th, 2022 – KBC, a leading European financial group with a focus on providing banking services to retail, SME and mid-cap clients in Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Bulgaria – has chosen the Eliq API to give their customer insights into their energy consumption.

The solution answers questions such as ‘why you’re using more or less gas and electricity than your neighbours, relatives or friends?’ Addressing that everybody’s situation is different because of many factors, including the type of home, the household makeup, the energy contract and, of course, the amount of energy the appliances use.

“KBC is standing out as a bank, with thinking very aligned to the Eliq vision. KBC wants to connect the dots for their customers – now also with a focus on in-home energy consumption. Offering the most frictionless way of helping their customers reduce energy costs, through the winter!”

says Joakim Botha, Founder / Head of Sales at Eliq.

Data has the power to help inspire and empower customers to make better choices for their wallets, and to start their Home Energy Transition journey towards Net Zero. Eliq has a belief that these tools will be embedded in digital products across the entire energy ecosystem, enabling simple and smart energy choices available to all and spurring innovation in new energy services.

A key focus for KBC is broadening the ‘one-stop-shop’ offering to their customers and having profound customer relationships. By providing Energy Insights in collaboration with Eliq, they are setting the tone for a newer and more diversified banking experience involving energy insights.

“KBC is a key client for us as we adjust to the new normal in the energy markets. We are creating synergy with Eliq’s products and the financial services space. In these unprecedented times, we will increase our bandwidth and continue to circle back to the low-hanging fruit of energy savings. By thinking outside the box we are able to enhance customer value via our energy insights for KBC’s retail banking customers.”

says Alexander Ross, Client Success Manager at Eliq.

“Now more than ever, consumers need to be in control over how energy is used and distributed in their homes. It’s great to be working with innovative companies like KBC who actively want to help their customers through the energy transition”

says Joakim Ottander, Founder / Senior Client Success Manager Eliq.

About Eliq

Eliq’s purpose is to enable the home energy transition by helping utilities, banks and smart-home providers to empower their customers to make intelligent and sustainable home energy choices.

We drive digital transformation through our SaaS platform that leverages AI and data collected through unique customer interactions to generate insights that inspire and empower customers to join the fight against climate change. The platform enables active customer relationships based on targeted and highly personalised offers, for non-commodity business growth at a transformative scale.

We are advocates for the utilisation of open energy data, for an acceleration in the home energy transition. The fight against climate change is one that we need to tackle together, and we believe in creating strong partnerships with organisations that share our values and passion for a sustainable future.