Jersey Electricity launches new mobile app

Jersey Electricity, the sole electricity provider for the Island of Jersey, partnered up with Eliq to deliver a mobile app solution that has now officially been launched under the name My JE.

With the recently launched My JE app customers can access Smart and real-time data, helping them to track and reduce consumption, and budget for electricity before the bill arrives. Meanwhile, Jersey Electricity can benefit from a customer engagement platform that allows for the development and promotion of future energy services based on true energy insights that drive uptake, sustain engagement and loyalty.

Having just completed the SmartSwitch project to install the latest Smart Meters in every premise on the Island, the My JE app marks the next stage in Jersey Electricity’s development strategy towards building a Smart Grid.

This could in the near future enable micro renewable generation and dynamic supply and demand management across the island, in alignment with the Jersey government’s strategy to become carbon neutral by 2030. This is being achieved by helping JE customers understand their usage in a simpler and more engaging way through in-app functionalities to allow them to:

  • Instantly view bills and access account balance
  • Set up a profile to compare electricity usage with similar properties
  • Set a weekly or monthly consumption target to help control costs
  • Set up notifications on anomalies and high forecasts

“Power utilities are increasingly becoming digital businesses, offering energy intelligence as a service and Jersey Electricity is at the forefront of this transformation. My JE has been made possible by our Island-wide roll-out of Smart-Meters which enable us to relay the consumption data they collect back to customers. In this way, we hope to help customers to better understand their usage and enable them to use electricity more efficiently and cut costs.”

– Werner Borman, JE’s Head of Digital Technology

In collaboration with JE’s in-house data and IT solution provider Jendev, Eliq’s solution enables smart data accessibility across the island.

“Our Vision is to inspire a zero-carbon future. Energy efficiency and technology will have a big part to play on this journey. We are already increasing our focus ‘beyond the meter’ and this is one of several projects that shows how we are putting customers at the heart of the energy system. We see related technologies such as demand-side management and smart home controls, vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G), renewable distributed generation and energy storage – all of which we’re currently trialling – becoming ever more widespread and we see digital technology a key enabler.”

– Chris Ambler, JE’s CEO

“This demonstrates that digital tools underpinned by analytics and behavioural science has an impact not only on creating transparency, customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also the size of the energy bill.”

– Hakan Ludvigson, Eliq’s Founder and CEO

The recently launched app has already received positive reviews, with some of its first users describing it as “brilliant” and “great for seeing recent consumption and setting targets”.

About Jersey Electricity 

Founded in 1924, Jersey Electricity is a vertically integrated power utility dealing in the importation, generation, transmission and distribution of electricity. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and serve around 50,000 domestic and commercial customers.

Providing affordable, secure and sustainable energy is the core objective. Jersey Electricity’s Vision is to inspire a zero carbon future. Their non-Energy businesses include Retail, IT advisory, Building Services, Environmental Engineering and Property.

Around 95% of the electricity Jersey Electricity supply is imported from low carbon, hydro (36%) and nuclear (64%) sources in France through three undersea supply cables.

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