Ignitis provides additional customer value using Eliq

Ignitis, the largest supplier of electricity and gas in Lithuania, has chosen a part of the Eliq solution to provide customers with all the necessary information about their consumption and production data through an easily accessible channel – a mobile application

We found that giving clients a quick and easily understandable snapshot of their home appliances’ energy consumption composition, gives the most value in the search for energy-saving activities.
Vincentas Vitkauskas, Innovation Expert at Ignitis

The Ignitis Innovation hub is well known for constantly striving to test different technical and commercial solutions. With the Smart meter rollout just having been introduced in Lithuania this year, it created the perfect situation for Ignitis to test different commercial solutions for their clients.

Ignitis is currently providing the solution to a small number of chosen clients and is planning to scale its solution to the whole market, by the time all electricity consumers in Lithuania will have access to smart meters in their homes.