Energy company ‘E’ launches new mobile app

UK energy supplier E (Gas & Electricity) has launched a new mobile app for customers of its Pay-As-You-Go energy plan. The company, which serves over 300 000 energy customers across the UK, partnered with Eliq to deliver the solution.

The new mobile app enables customers to manage top-ups in a seamless way, selecting an amount to top-up which suits their predicted rate of consumption, based on weather forecasts, and enables customers to view how long their current credits will last them, based on the same outlook.

“This relieves a key pain point in the PAYG customer experience” says Alexander Ross, Client Success Manager at Eliq. “On a blistering cold week in February you could go through £10 in a matter of a couple of days, but two weeks later, you may be walking around in a t-shirt, and £10 could last you weeks”, he adds.

The app also gives customers access to smart insights about their consumption that could help them make better decisions, identify energy hungry appliances and receive AI-based alerts helping reduce the risk of self-disconnection.

We are starting to see prepaid energy gaining traction as a lifestyle choice in new places around the world, thanks to the convenience and simplicity that these solutions offer via the mobile. I think we’ll continue to see more innovation and growth in this space, not only here in the UK.

Håkan Ludvigson, CEO and co-founder at Eliq

With a large portfolio of smart meters, and an ambitious installation plan the new app marks the next stage in E’s digital customer engagement strategy. 

E Programme Director added: “We are really excited to see the new app in the hands of customers, and the impact it will have on our business by increasing customer satisfaction, engagement and reducing customer service costs. It’s been great working with Eliq on this project.

About Eliq

Eliq is a SaaS platform that enables energy companies to deploy applications that help end-customers better understand and manage their energy usage and accelerate their participation in the energy transition. The company is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, London, UK and Vilnius, Lithuania and provides leading utilities and retailers across seven countries with a suite of energy APIs and award-winning white-label applications, since 2016.