Eliq – Utility Partner of the year 2022, finalists

The prestigious Utility Week Awards celebrates the commitment of suppliers and contractors who have built long-term partnerships with utilities and the role this plays in delivering outstanding essential services for today and tomorrow.

“We are so incredibly proud to be nominated for this award. This is a validation of the importance of our work with utilities to help their customers through the home energy transition. We are so grateful to all our Utility partners across the UK who are the real stars of the show here! We look forward to continuing our partnerships, particularly now when it is more important than ever to help customers through the cost of living crisis.”

says Douglas Jones, Head of Client Success at Eliq.

This award recognises that contribution and celebrates the commitment of partners who have invested in truly understanding the challenges of their customers in order to build long-term relationships which will help protect the reliability, affordability and sustainability of our essential services for today and tomorrow.

“At Eliq we don’t set out to win awards. We are focused on improving the customer experience for our UK utility partners, but when we get nominated for an award, it’s an affirmation: it means that our clients and end users appreciate what we do. It also means that we are playing an important role in the UK’s Home Energy Transition. This nomination means a lot to the whole team at Eliq!”

Alexander Ross, Client Success Manager, UK, Eliq.

See you at the award ceremony! ????