Eliq supplies real-time energy monitoring app to Greenyellow

Gothenburg, Sweden (September 11th, 2017) – Greenyellow is France’s retail giant Casino Group’s entry into the energy supply market. Armed with its parent company’s outstanding retail footprint, Greenyellow is in a solid position to grab a substantial slice of the market with its compelling, clear and unique offer: “Affordable, green and connected energy for homes.”

Each Greenyellow customer is offered a complimentary Pack Suivi Energie (Energy Monitoring Package), that contains Eliq’s user-friendly energy monitoring app. The customer is able to track electricity usage in real time and receive consumption alerts on abnormalities or “energy leaks” and energy-saving advice based on their own consumption patterns. 
“Innovation is key to our offerings at Greenyellow and Eliq’s energy monitoring solution will be a key contributor to our aim providing energy savings that is well-earned by French customers.” – says Capucine Roux, Head of Technology & Innovation at Greenyellow.
But Eliq is not only benefitting the consumers. The data from the smart meter combined with intelligence from the cloud analytics, will give Greenyellow a deep understanding of its consumers, allowing better customer segmentation and cross-selling opportunities of value-added services and energy saving products.

“GreenYellow is entering the energy retail market in the digital age – and they’ve built a market offer that is truly ‘mobile first’ and revolves around helping their customers to use energy efficiently..” – says Eliq’s Håkan Ludvigson, CEO of Eliq.