Eliq collaborates with LifeSmart

The Energy Smart Home – Monitoring, Advisory and Control

For a long time we’ve had the goal of providing monitoring and advice on energy use in combination with a smart control. To create this whole, we integrate for the first time the ELIQ service as a fully integrated part of a comprehensive smart home system. This will allow customers to build their own smart home combined with ELIQ – the market leader in intelligent monitoring and advice on energy use in the home.

ELIQ + LifeSmart
In April we are launching the ELIQ service as an integrated part of a smart home system called LifeSmart. This means that ELIQs electricity meter sensor communicates directly with the LifeSmart gateway. Basic information about the electricity consumption is presented in the LifeSmart app while the more advanced features such as analyzes and reports is accessed via the the stand-alone ELIQ app (easily accessible from a shortcut in the LifeSmart app). LifeSmart is the leading provider of smart home systems in the Asian market and Eliq AB is the exclusive distributor for the Nordic market.

Life Smart offers a wide range of monitoring and control in the home. The heart of the system is Life Smart app in a very user-friendly handles installing, monitoring, control, scheduling, notifications, and more.

The all new ELIQ app
In April we are launching a completely new ELIQ app that will work both with the existing ELIQ system (using the ELIQ Energy Hub) but also for new users of the LifeSmart system. The launch of the new ELIQ app is the first step in our vision to become the energy-brain of the smart home. We are consequently adding more intelligence and features, always with the aim to generate the largest possible energy savings in the home.

Facts about LifeSmart
LifeSmart was founded in 2013 and has quickly established itself as one of the leading suppliers of smart home systems in the Asian market. The company has offices in several locations in Asia and North America. The LifeSmart system is being expanded continuously and the company has an expansive plan for the international roll-out. The company’s largest investors is Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics, and Haier, the world’s largest producer of household appliances.

For more information visit: www.ilifesmart.com