Eliq earns Microsoft Co-Sell status

Achieving Microsoft Co-Sell status is accomplished via numerous detailed performance reviews as Microsoft only provides this status for companies that demonstrate clearly added value and high-quality service.

Eliq is building its platform services on top of Microsoft Azure to help millions of European homes optimise their energy consumption in the smartest way. Together we can offer detailed insights to homeowners about how they use their energy, providing tailored energy savings advice and actionable recommendations based on users’ specific consumption and home profile. The services are offered to end customers through 25+ utilities, smart home companies and banks across Europe.

“We are thrilled to earn the Microsoft Co-Sell status. This achievement ensures that Eliq is available on Microsoft AppSource and on Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a co-sell-ready solution. The new status unlocks a whole new level of collaboration between Eliq and Microsoft’s representatives and the ability to channel that into opportunities, exposing our solution to an established community of Microsoft-managed customers.”

says Joakim Botha, Head of Sales at Eliq.

With the program providing an online marketplace which can be accessed by 75 million marketplace buyers, including 52,000 Microsoft enterprise customers and 17 million partners and inside sales contact – it’s a perfect fit for Eliqs’ international presence across Europe and future expansion plans. The Eliq solution will soon be available on the Microsoft Azure commercial Marketplace as a SaaS solution offering which will provide our clients and partners with optimized experiences in purchasing Eliq products.