Eliq and Bristol Energy to test new energy advisor AI

New  AI technology delivering personal energy advisory services, has been selected for an independently monitored field trial to quantify savings

The UK’s Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has awarded Eliq and Bristol Energy R&D funds to develop new AI technology that will deliver personalised, actionable energy savings advice to customers, through Bristol Energy’s mobile app which was launched earlier this year.

In addition, BEIS is commissioning a 12-month trial, offered strictly on a voluntary opt-in basis, validate the savings generated by the new technology. Participants will retain full control of their data, what it is used for and by whom, and can leave the trial, revoking permissions to use their data at any time.

The technology combines Eliq’s energy insights engine with the expertise and experience of Centre for Sustainable Energy to map the most relevant energy savings advice to each customer, with a self-learning algorithm that automatically adapts and improves.

The system is also able to adapt the style and tone of its messages, allowing users to get a more tailored and personalised service that relates to their home and lifestyle.

“The AI energy advisor is the next step in delivering true value from smart meters to our customers”

– Andy Coleman, Head of Smart Metering Transition, Bristol Energy

The ultimate goal of the new functionality is to further strengthen the customer engagement with the apps by empowering customers to make better choices, ultimately making customers more loyal to their utility and more likely to adopt new energy savings products and services offered to them.

“Customers today are fed up with the generic advice provided by many utilities’ apps and home energy reports. With this technology, we are pushing the limits for personalised energy content”

– Håkan Ludvigson, CEO and founder, Eliq

The R&D funds and the trial are part of the SENS innovation competition launched by BEIS this year, which aims to fund the promotion and testing of new technology that helps bring savings to UK homes from the country’s smart metering programme.