Olaf Schmitz as the new Chair of the Board

With an extensive entrepreneurial background, Olaf Schmitz is now lending his expertise to four rapidly growing startups. The latest addition is Eliq.

Gothenburg, Sweden (November 21th, 2022). Eliq, creators of the world’s first Home Energy Transition Platform, specialising in unique customer interactions to generate insights that inspire and empower households to join the fight against climate change, is announcing Olaf Schmitz as their new Executive Chair. With Olafs’ extensive background within the SaaS business, it would be a challenge to find a better fit for Eliq. Various executive roles including Amazon’s Business Development & Expansion Leader for Europe means that Schmitz is bringing knowledge about navigating extensive growth rapidly to Eliq, which is very welcome.

Data has the power to help inspire and empower customers to make better choices for their wallets, and to start their journey towards Net Zero. Eliq has a belief that these tools will be embedded in digital products across the entire energy ecosystem, from utilities, technology providers, energy service providers and banks, making simple and smart energy choices available to all and spurring innovation in new energy services.

I was impressed by Eliqs founder team and happy to help flip the boot-strapped company to a hyper-scale. Energy savings help protect our earth and this is what Eliq is all about. I am deeply passionate about helping to stop climate change. So I am really happy to help Eliq to get the maximum impact on securing our one earth for future generations.

Olaf Schmitz

Schmitz took his first steps towards entrepreneurship back in 1987 at the age of 16, when he established his first company. The software development venture grew to 100 developers in just 3 years. He founded 2 more businesses after this, which venture-backed grew to more than 500 employees before exiting. After this, he moved into other venture-backed businesses in C-Level roles.
Olaf has vast experience from different management roles in various industries, and he now acts as an entrepreneur on time to enable and drive others and their teams to success.
Olaf has quickly become a part of the team at Eliq. The cooperation was timely kicked off in the beginning of November when he joined the company for 4 days including active participation in Eliqs yearly Hackathon.

We’re excited to have Olaf onboard!  His experience from scaling his own businesses, leading Amazon Europe and as chairman at impressive companies such as Aiven and HiveMQ will be helpful in guiding us through this next phase of rapid growth that we are gearing up for

Håkan Ludvigson, CEO and co-founder of Eliq

In addition to Eliq Schmitz’ serves three other companies as the chair – Finnish unicorn Aiven, Finnish ONEiO, and German HiveMQ.

About Eliq

Eliq’s purpose is to enable the home energy transition by helping utilities, banks and smart-home providers to empower their customers to make intelligent and sustainable home energy choices.

We drive digital transformation through our SaaS platform that leverages AI and data collected through unique customer interactions to generate insights that inspire and empower customers to join the fight against climate change. The platform enables active customer relationships based on targeted and highly personalised offers, for non-commodity business growth at a transformative scale.

We are advocates for the utilisation of open energy data, for an acceleration in the home energy transition. The fight against climate change is one that we need to tackle together, and we believe in creating strong partnerships with organisations that share our values and passion for a sustainable future.