ekWateur uses Eliq Insights to support customers

ekWateur, the independent and alternative electricity- and renewable gas supplier that offers renewable energy to private individuals and small businesses in France, is taking yet another step toward helping their customers reduce their carbon footprint.
ekWateur is utilising the Eliq APIs to make use of years of analytics from millions of homes and consumption data, to provide high-quality, actionable energy insights.

“It’s great to be working with more and more innovative companies like Ekwateur who want to take the insights that Eliq can provide and use them in new and creative ways to really help their customers through the energy transition. I’m really looking forward to seeing how customers engage with the insights and how Eliq and Ekwateur can continue to innovate together.”
says Douglas Jones, Head of Client Success at Eliq

By using the Home Energy Transition Platform from Eliq, Ekwateur is providing its customers with the opportunity to control their energy consumption. And like that wasn’t enough, some easy tips and tricks to reduce energy consumption!

“I really appreciated working with Eliq on this project. Eliq’s team was highly motivated and offered us very good support in having this solution live. This feature is a true innovation for our clients and I look forward to developing new innovative features with Eliq to help all French households toward carbon footprint reduction.”
says Jeanne, Innovation project manager at Ekwateur

The solution is already live and up and running. Ekwateur customers can now follow their consumption and emissions on a daily basis and learn how to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as compare themselves with other French households.

“I have truly enjoyed working on this project together with the highly motivated women and men on the ekWateur team. Their commitment and passion for a renewable future are inspiring the Eliq team is proud to be working with them. Really happy to see that the product of our joint workforce is now available for ekWatuer’s customers to support them in their daily lives helping them to understand their energy consumption”.
says Anna Chiara Laggner, IT Project Manager at Eliq