French Casino Group‘s Greenyellow to supply Eliq Real-Time Energy Monitoring App for Households

Greenyellow is a subsidiary of French retail giant, Casino Group offering energy for households that is 100% green, 100% connected and 10% less expensive than EDF[1]. Striving to be the energy retailer of tomorrow, Greenyellow also offers new customers free Energy Monitoring Package to boost their energy savings by a further 11%.

Eliq is the white-label technology behind the package that allows households to visualise energy consumption data in near real-time.

The Energy Monitoring Package contains Eliq’s intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application that works seamlessly with a third-party hardware that is easily installed to the electric meter. It transmits energy consumption data to the application. This engagement platform tracks and analyses energy consumption at your fingertips… anytime, anywhere.

Households can view real-time electricity consumption in euros and kWh and compare by time period (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) from their phone or the web.

They can also monitor electrical appliances on standby and receive consumption alerts and smart, energy-saving advice based on their own consumption patterns.

The results

Simply by allowing customers to understand and control their energy costs, Greenyellow is working in collaboration with them to become the trusted supplier to save energy, limit environmental footprints and be the new leader in the utilities industry.

Running off Eliq’s real-time cloud platform and white label-apps, Greenyellow is the first energy supplier in France to offer its customers a fully digitalised end-to-end experience. With time, the cloud analytics learn the profile and habits of each home, delivering precise and insightful advice to help the customer have peace of mind and reduce their energy consumption.

Innovation is key to our offerings at Greenyellow and Eliq’s energy monitoring solution will be a key contributor to our aim providing energy savings that is well-earned by French customers.

Capucine Roux, Head of Technology & Innovation at Greenyellow.

[1] The rebate applies to the price of the kWh excluding the regulated electricity price proposed by the historic supplier (EDF). The price of the subscription is identical to that of the regulated tariff.