Eidsiva Energi

Eidsiva Energi is one of the largest energy companies in Norway with significant business within the production, distribution, and sale of electricity, broadband, and electrical safety. Every year they produce approximately 3.4 TWh hydropower and operates 22,000 kilometers of power grid in the interior.

Eidsiva Flyt

Eliq enables Eidsiva to engage their customers by offering solutions for home energy management and climate control.

Eidsiva’s customers with an “Eidsiva Flyt” electricity contract receive a smart home start-kit including LifeSmart + Eliq.

Packaging Climate Control Kit

The Climate Control Kit includes:

  • 1 x Smart Home Gateway
  • 1 x Climate Sensor (Temperature and Humidity)
  • 1 x Eliq Electricity Meter Sensor
  • 2 x Smart Plugs

Christina Kringsjå VP Sales, Eidsiva Energi

“Our customers expect us to move with the times and help them become smarter about how they use energy and control their electricity bill.

Gone are the days when we just send an invoice at the end of the month and hope to keep customers in a deregulated and highly competitive market.

We see the customers benefit from Eliq integrated with the LifeSmart-system, both in their main residence but also in 2nd homes where they run the risk of racking up expensive electricity bills if they can’t monitor and control heating remotely to avoid freezing pipes. We plan to roll out a large number of Eliq empowered systems in the next 12 months and we are already seeing a big interest from our customers.”