Bristol Energy Triples Loyalty for Digital Customers with Eliq

Bristol Energy Triples Loyalty for Digital Customers with EliqBristol Energy is a competitive supplier of gas and electricity with 100,000+ customers across the UK. Bristol Energy is operating in one of the most competitive energy markets, facing pressure from both consumers and regulators.

Consumers are demanding more services, lower prices and better customer support. Regulators are pushing suppliers to drive the rollout of smart meters – a major undertaking that impacts the entire operation of the business. Bristol Energy needed a solution that met the needs of both consumers and regulators.

The solution? Bristol Energy partners with Eliq to launch a new app called: Be Connected. For the first time, customers were provided with support  and insights from their smart meter data.

Explore how they have overcome common pitfalls that many utility providers experience in the case study below. Discover how they have created a new type of digitally-driven, loyal users.

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Download the Bristol Energy Case Study by Eliq