CKW Energy Tracker: 8% savings delivered in 8 weeks

Eliq CKW case studyCKW, in collaboration with Eliq, has embraced the significant challenge posed by the lack of awareness regarding energy consumption patterns within households. Recognising that the journey of an energy consumer begins with awareness and a desire to understand their energy usage, CKW’s primary focus is to educate their customers by providing a comprehensive overview of their energy consumption. This initiative encourages customers to make smarter and more energy-efficient choices within their households. The knowledge of how much energy they are using acts as a strong motivator, inspiring individuals to actively save electricity.

Through the implementation of the CKW Energy Tracker app and the utilisation of smart meters, customers can gain a deeper understanding of their energy usage. This fosters a culture of energy efficiency and conservation, addressing the challenge of limited awareness and empowering individuals to make positive changes


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