Energy insights for businesses

Level up energy efficiency and sustainable energy use with Eliq’s Energy Management Platform for Businesses.

Powerful energy insights, tailored for businesses

Eliq’s Business Energy Insights tailors a broad suite of rich energy insights to businesses – insights previously catered to front-line energy players like utilities and banks. Track every bit of your business’s energy consumption at any level and access insights that cut down costs and drive prime energy efficiency in the white-label web portal and mobile app.

Multi-level overview with Portfolio View

Unlock universal energy insights at any level across multi-site business operations, be that retail chains, property managers, or corporate offices. The Portfolio View feature collects and analyses complex data from smart meters across 15,000 locations in a single dashboard with grouping capabilities, packed with energy-optimising suggestions.

Key Benefits

Get a complete overview, from a single site to your entire business, and discover usage trends, cost-saving and optimisation opportunities at all levels.

Navigate cost-savings in an intuitive interface. Customise your direct energy report with alerts for deviations, budget tracking, and optimising suggestions.

Untangle complex sustainability initiatives with precision tracking and empower every employee to take the decisions that lower your corporate carbon footprint.

Decisive, efficient energy management with Eliq

Eliq empowers businesses to become confident and independent in energy conservation – to stay proactive and in control of the sustainable market transition. Business Energy Insights serves as the energy efficiency specialist for each business, compiling an abundance of energy usage data, behavioural science, and the highest standards on user experience to digitally and seamlessly empower enterprises to thrive in a sustainable world.


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