The Benefits of Monitoring Your Home Energy Data

Understanding your home’s energy efficiency is the first step towards reducing your usage. When you have access to data, you don’t just monitor things; you can also discover how to drastically cut your energy bills. So, let’s explore the most popular energy efficiency improvements and how they can help you save energy (and save money, too!).

Determining Your Home Energy Efficiency

An energy monitoring solution gathers real-time energy data from your home or business and identifies abnormal patterns of consumption. For example, you can compare whether your devices are as energy-efficient as the average or find if any appliances are using more or less energy than they should.

If you are wondering how energy-efficient your home is, there’s no need to stress. Monitoring your energy data can help you manage your usage and make better-informed decisions. For instance:

  • You can identify when and where your energy usage is at its peak and make the necessary adjustments to your habits. 
  • You can also understand how your energy usage translates into costs so you are prepared to create better budgets, set goals for reducing expenses, and make adjustments to minimise wastage.
  • You can find areas where energy is being used inefficiently within your home – which can point to things like poorly insulated areas (that could be fixed with spray foam insulation), inefficient appliances, or an outdated heating system, to name a few potential issues.
  • You have more information to make energy-related investments, home improvements, or upgrades, such as renewable energy sources (like solar panels) that reduce carbon emissions.

About The Energy Performance Certificate

About energy performance certificate

An Energy Performance Certificate (also known as an EPC) is a document that provides information about your home’s energy efficiency. If you are building, selling, or renting out your property, you will be required to show your EPC – which covers your energy use and typical energy costs, along with home savings advice and recommendations on how to improve its efficiency.

An EPC includes energy advice and recommendations. Typically, this will range from improvement suggestions such as upgrading insulation or replacing old heating systems with more efficient ones to installing renewable energy sources.

The Energy Landscape and Service Providers

It’s no surprise that, all around the world, there is an increasing demand for energy and energy insights. On the one hand, consumers are becoming more aware and demand a more personalised experience. On the other, many companies are looking at smart meters and renewables as an area full of potential.

As we have covered above, monitoring your energy data (for instance, using an energy app) can lead youEliq home energy app to both considerable home energy savings and sustainability. When you can see precisely how much energy you’re consuming and when it’s being used, you can be more conscious of your energy consumption patterns and take steps to reduce unnecessary energy usage. In other words, energy apps can pinpoint areas where energy is being wasted. For instance, leaving appliances on standby, using energy during peak hours, or even having inefficient appliances can contribute to higher energy consumption.

If you want to cut your spending and accelerate the renovation of your green home, one of the best options is to leverage user interaction data. The key is to have the option to control your energy consumption and make better-informed decisions. How? Simple! By combining the management of your smart home with the best energy insights on the market.

Helping Your Customers Run An Energy-Efficient Home

Eliq home energy data

If you are an energy provider or company interested in energy efficiency, you know that customers who are happier with your services stay longer. When you enable households to understand their energy spending and give them the tools to both save money on their bills and reduce their carbon footprint, you are also building loyalty.

Eliq allows users to connect to their gas and electricity meters to capture this data. This then leads to a much better understanding of energy spending and the chance to leverage the information to make users’ appliance usage greener. In other words, we are reshaping how people consume and manage energy.

Our goal is to empower energy service customers to make smarter choices. We don’t just understand digital transformation; we can provide your customers with the personalised experiences they expect from their energy usage. Contact us today to learn more about our services and unlock the power of energy data!