No Smart meter doesn’t mean No Insights

We get it – smart meter adoption is a bit of a ride across Europe, with some areas moving fast and others a bit slower. Utility providers, we see you navigating the highs and lows of this smart meter rollout! It’s challenging, especially for those offering energy insights in regions where smart meters are still getting started.

But no worries! At Eliq, we’re here to support you. We’re not into waiting for the full smart meter party to start before sharing energy advice. We know some households still rely on conventional meters, so we’re here to help, breaking through smart meter adoption barriers and ensuring everyone can grab practical energy advice.

Meter data holds the power to energy insights

 No Meter, No Problem: Eliq's easy energy advice and savings solution.Germany might be on a fast track to smart meters for all, but until then, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be Energy Insights for all. Utility providers and their partners don’t need to choose between providing a great solution for customers with smart meters or those without. They can create a solution that highlights the benefits of smart meters while also supporting customers who are still waiting.

Even with just one meter read a year, a household can be matched to a similar household from a +100billion data point data lake, mixed with some weather data, and bam, you have accurate and actionable energy insights. This approach not only supports savings and sustainability but also addresses the challenge of users being unable or unwilling to regularly provide manual meter readings.

For many people, conventional utility meters are hard to read and even harder to reach, especially in apartment buildings. It might be located in the basement, the attic or worst case scenario, in a neighbour’s apartment. This leads to issues such as missing readings, irregular consumption patterns, reads from incorrect meters, and incorrect readings altogether.

However, with our AI-backed platform, energy providers can deploy amazing digital products that fundamentally change the dynamics of their customer relationships. Digital solutions powered by our platform help customers understand their consumption, and how they use energy, and receive alerts when something is wrong. The platform inspires users to take action through concrete, personal advice and helps them develop trust in their provider. Consequently, customers are more likely to subscribe to and use new energy services from within the app, such as flexible tariffs, EV smart charging, smart heating, and PV.

The impact of these products is evident. Almost three-quarters of customers save energy. In Norway, where we have the longest-running data, we’ve seen consumption drop by 6.8% on average. And in and in a similar survey in Switzerland in 2022 we saw an average saving of energy of almost 9% in just 4 months. In both cases, this was the result of providing Eliq’s actionable insights. Most importantly, a majority of long-term users repeatedly consult the app for advice on energy-related purchases, and they feel more secure and confident about their ability to affect their energy usage.

Watch a video about one of the ways we provide energy insights without the need for smart meters.