Empowering European Markets: Digital Transformation

The energy market in Europe is undergoing a significant transformation. With the increasing demand for energy insights and digital customer journeys, energy suppliers are feeling the pressure to engage their customers with new digital tools. The market is rapidly maturing, and consumers are becoming more aware of your energy consumption and are demanding a personalised experience.

netherlandsIn the Netherlands after implementation of new government regulations and the announced nationalisation of district heating networks during last quarter, we notice some relief in the energy market. Energy suppliers still do face challenges as more consumers opt for dynamic pricing and show a latent yet growing interest in energy insights from banks and consumer collectives..

united-kingdomIn the UK, we’ve witnessed significant market consolidation over the past two years, and it appears to have reached its conclusion. Excitingly, the energy switching market is expected to reopen in the summer, presenting both challenges and opportunities for Energy Suppliers. A noteworthy debate has emerged regarding the value of REGOs in the market and their role in driving renewable adoption. However, we must acknowledge that the Smart Meter roll-out continues to face hurdles as customer opt-in remains a requirement. Despite these obstacles, the energy landscape in the UK remains dynamic and full of potential for innovation and growth.

belgiumBelgium has successfully recovered from recent market model changes and the impact of the energy crisis. Energy supplier drop-out has stabilised, and there is a gradual increase in interest in dynamic pricing. Banks, consumer associations, telcos, and price comparators are also showing a latent but growing interest in energy insights.

germanyNow, let’s turn our attention to Germany. Despite the announcement of a large-scale smart meter roll-out, progress has been relatively slow. Energy suppliers are cautious, and without a significant smart meter roll-out, gaining attention from key players in the energy market is challenging. However, there is growing interest from early adopters and consultants who recognise the value of energy insights.


What about France? We’re seeing a positive shift in the energy market as wholesale prices experience a slight decline. This welcome development is easing the pressure on energy suppliers. After a period of halting new customer acquisitions throughout most of 2022, energy players have now refocused their efforts on attracting new customers. Additionally, a growing trend is aimed at helping consumers reduce their energy consumption through behaviour changes. This renewed focus on energy efficiency is a promising step towards a more sustainable future.

One step ahead

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