Energizing Conversations at the 3rd Energy Transformation

The future of mobility. Renewables. AI in the energy sector. Open energy data, and much more. The Energy Transformation Summit in Berlin was buzzing with lively discussions last week.

An event with the topic ‘Energy transformation’ wouldn’t be complete without Eliq, alongside friends from E.ON, Elli, Jedlix, Engie and Nordpool, to name-drop a few.
Representing Eliq was the CEO and co-founder, Håkan Ludvigson, who shared his thoughts on open energy data and how it has the power to revolutionise a shift in energy usage behaviour. Other standout speakers were Sebastian Schmieder from E.ON, Wolfgang Bremer from Elli, and Serge Subiron from Jedlix, who contributed to the electrifying atmosphere. So many highlights to choose from… but let’s dive into some of them!

E.ON’s e-mobility solution for the people
Sebastian Schmieder, E.ON Solutions’ Global Head of eMobility Solution Management, shared some seriously cool insights into E.ON’s approach to electric vehicle (EV) charging. Schmieder emphasised that understanding charging behaviour can, and will be, a game-changer for the energy system, benefiting individuals, businesses, and ultimately, our planet.

Elli’s stylish take on design
Wolfgang Bremer, the Head of Design at Elli – A Brand of the Volkswagen Group, had everyone’s undivided attention as he discussed how innovative design can play a role in shaping the future of mobility. Bremer’s captivating visuals and insights highlighted the importance of aesthetics and functionality in EVs and charging infrastructure.

EnBW’s high-power charging solutions
Rolf Kniprath, Head of Technology & Planning at EnBW mobility, shared his expertise on high power charging (HPC) and its role in public charging infrastructure. He addressed challenges and key features of HPC in urban environments and long-distance journeys, sparking interest in current and future HPC hub projects. This is one to watch…

Eliq’s take on the democratisation of open energy data
Håkan Ludvigson, CEO of Eliq, talked about the importance of empowering customers to understand and reduce their energy consumption. He mentioned how utilities are in what can only be referred to as a race, to digitalise and transform their customer relationships, and how energy data is becoming the secret ingredient for better customer-facing products.

Do you wish you had been there? Yeah, we get it. The Energy Transformation Summit in Berlin truly lived up to its promise of engaging, informative, and fun conversations about the future of energy and mobility. Packed with innovative ideas and solutions, the event left attendees feeling inspired and optimistic about the possibilities that lie ahead. As the energy sector continues to evolve, it’s exciting to see the collaboration, passion, and creativity that will drive sustainable change for generations to come. Doesn’t that sound hopeful? We think so.