Empower sustainable living & financial well-being

What if you could deliver on net zero commitments and reduce financed emissions while increasing customer interest in retrofitting?

Banking on Energy DataEliq Solar panel savings graphic

Managing energy is crucial for both the environment and the wallet. With Eliq’s Personal Energy Finance App, households can handle their energy usage effectively, receiving real-time info and practical tips for a greener, budget-friendly lifestyle. It’s a win-win – customers reduce energy bills and emissions, while banks and lenders can report on mortgages and prepare for upcoming green standards. So, it’s not just about keeping customers happy; it also simplifies the process for people to invest in energy-efficient upgrades for their homes, benefiting both families and financial institutions.

Accelerate your sustainability commitments and improve on reporting

Cut emissions from mortgage portfolios by precisely measuring energy data and consumption, elevating your carbon accounting with improved PCAF scores. Align with global sustainability goals for enhanced ESG scores.

Eliq bank solution energy-saving tipsSupport your customers with the cost of living by reducing energy bills

Take Personal Finance Management to the next level by providing your customers with access to their home energy usage data. Enable energy savings of up to 9% through behavioural change.

Accelerate your green home lending

Grow your green lending volumes by supporting your customers in improving home energy efficiency and empowering them to retrofit their homes. Personalise and streamline the home upgrade journey for your customers.

It’s a numbers game 

It’s not just fancy wording, it actually works. 

Our customers are reporting an impressive 40% increase in customer conversion rates within just 12 months. Furthermore, our commitment to user engagement is evident in the sustained 70% monthly active user rate even after the first year. And that’s not it, one of the most notable outcomes has been the observed change in behaviour among our customers. A remarkable 91% have embraced and demonstrated a shift in their behaviour, indicating the platform’s influence in fostering a smarter and more efficient approach to energy usage. Is that it? No! Our platform has proven to be a significant driver of purchasing decisions, with 62% of customers making their purchases under the direct influence of our features and offerings. Saving the best for last, our dedication to sustainability is reflected in the average 9% energy savings achieved through behavioural changes facilitated by our solution.