The new era of sustainable retail banking

Utilising open energy data

Enable and empower your customers to embrace energy-efficient homes

Open the door to a world where your customers can access and utilise data on their home energy usage, to make smarter and more sustainable financial decisions in accordance with your ESG strategy. Play an important role in the Home Energy Transition journey for your customer base to build energy efficient homes, and let your channels be a trusted partner for important decisions around green loans and efficient energy consumption.

Scalable benefits

Support your customer

Guide your customers to an energy-efficient home and stronger personal finances. Provide the data, customised advice and actionable insights to empower smart and green home investments.

Keep growing

Sustainable home investments and upgrades generate new revenue streams, increased potential for green loans and other financial support for renovations that can increase property value as well as customer loyalty.

Show green commitment

Deliver on ESG strategy while supporting your customers on their own Home Energy Transition journey.

KBC uses Eliq to give Mobile Banking customers insight into Home Energy Consumption

KBC, a leading European financial group, wanted to give their customers access to features that will help them understand and manage their energy usage easily and efficiently. The solution was “Energy Insights” available in KBC Mobile and provided in association with Eliq. Customers of KBC no longer have to wonder why they’re using more or less gas and electricity than their neighbours or during certain times, but can instead easily monitor their personal situation, and reduce the size of their energy bill.

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Case banking-Energy Insights

In a nutshell

Open energy data

Allow users to connect to their real electricity and gas meters for deep personal insights, enabling more energy-efficient homes.

Energy cost management

Enable households in your mortgage portfolio to understand their energy spending while addressing ESG strategy and sustainability targets.

Energy renovations

Provide tools for households to find the best green solutions and investments and offer green loans to finance their path to a Net Zero home.