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Eliq’s suite of APIs allows energy app developers to access advanced features, energy insights, and third-party data. With a decade of analytics and machine-learning expertise, trained across millions of homes and years of consumption data, our APIs offer a unique opportunity to enhance energy app functionality.

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Deep energy insights - give users control of their consumption

Prosumer insights for EV charging, solar and more!

Access to data on weather and pricing

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The Eliq platform is so much more than just the analytics. Our work incorporates both behavioural scientists and energy advisors to ensure we deliver meaningful features and content that end-users truly value.

The Eliq platform was purpose-built for energy app developers from day one, and our own in-house built White Label app run on the same set of APIs, so we know what matters.

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Key features

Estimated Daily Consumption

Access Daily Estimated Consumption from any home by leveraging the data in the Eliq Platform and unlock insights such as Similar Homes and Energy Advices.

Energy Usage Categories

Help homeowners better understand their energy consumption by identifying, splitting up and presenting energy consumption in different categories.

Energy Advisor

By presenting recommendations that end users can take and helping them understand the positive impact each action would have on their energy consumption and cost.

Similar homes

By comparing the energy usage to Similar Homes the user can get a better understanding of their energy usage and evaluate whether their energy usage is high or low.

Market Electricity & Day-ahead Price

Timely and accurate insights that enable consumers to adapt their energy usage by taking advantage of cheap electricity prices and avoiding expensive periods are key.


Detect and inform customers about suspected consumption deviations in their home that could be caused by an appliance failure.


Forecasting aims to help understand what future consumption may look like, providing insights into energy consumption.

PV Dissaggregated Insights 

A PV-equipped home has a more complex energy usage, and without access to PV inverter data, users cannot distinguish between consumption and production. Our unique solution can work this out using electricity net meter data, unlocking insights for all PV-equipped homes with the help of machine learning.

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