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Eliq’s suite of APIs enables developers of energy apps to access advanced features across energy insights, DER connectivity and third party data, making use of a decade of analytics and machine-learning, trained across millions of homes and years of consumption data.

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Deep energy insights - give users control of their consumption

Automation and flexibility - optimise and decarbonise

Access to data on weather, CO₂ and pricing

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User-centric and developer focused

The Eliq platform is so much more than just the analytics. Our work incorporates both behavioural scientists and energy advisors to ensure we deliver meaningful features and content that end-users truly value.

The Eliq platform was purpose built for energy app developers from day one and our own in-house built white-label apps run on the same set of APIs, so we know what matters.

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Energy usage categories

Energy usage categories based on energy disaggregation (NILM) technology enables users to understand what appliances are consuming the most energy in their home.

Intelligent notifications

AI-based notifications are a key component for long term retention, alerting users when attention is needed.

AI Energy Advisor

Drawing from hundreds of energy advice, this feature highlights the next best action for users to reduce their usage, including available energy-saving offers.

Similar homes

Compare usage against similar households and the best performers – remains one of the most used insights for returning users

Energy, cost, weather, CO₂ and trends

Consumption data in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly aggregates, trends, cost, CO2 footprint based on grid mix, day-ahead pricing and weather

Intelligent forecast

Smart consumption forecast across the next 31 days and 12 months, based on individual usage patterns and weather forecasts

Solar panels (PV)

Comprehensive solution for PV, both, net-metered, sub-metered or via API to the inverter, to enable use-cases for monitoring, self consumption, daylight tracking and alerts

Electric vehicle (EV) charging

Enables smart charging to minimize cost, CO₂ emissions and maximise self-consumption, as well as cost-tracking for the EV

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